2018 MBAA International Conference: April 18 – 20, 2018

Office History

MBAA International Best Paper Winners

Best Overall Paper on Conference Theme - 2015

“Understanding the Service Evaluation, Consumption Emotions, and Behavioral Intentions Relationship for Chinese Lodging Guests”

Scott Swanson
Lujun Su
Xiaohong Chen

Academy of Finance - 2016

“Looking Beyond the Pale: Evidence that Investors look beyond Concurrent Annualized Returns in Assigning Corporate Reputations”

Thomas M. Krueger
Mark A. Wrolstad, Ph.D.

Academy of International Business Midwest Region - 2016

“Investigation of the Economic Growth and Wealth Distribution between China and USA with the Top 100 Billionaires Data Analytics ”

The Late Ben-Chieh Liu
Jan-Jo Chen, Jian-Chern Chen
We-Wei Cheng,

Midwest Academy of Legal Studies - 2016

“The Criminalization of Compliance”

Todd Haugh

North American Accounting Society - 2016

“GenderDiversity of Audit Committees and Audit Fees: Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies”

Rui Xiang
Meng Qin
Craig Peterson

Midwest Business Economics Association - 2016

“Agent Bargaining”

William Robert Ingersoll
Alex Wagner Roomets

Business Health Administration Association -2016

” A Long Term Care Administration Practicum Cohort Model with Adjunctive Applied, Online Coursework ”

TJennifer Johs-Artisensi
Douglas Olson

North American Management Society - 2016

“The Quest for Nudge in Organizational Behavior”

Jie McCardle
Andrew Lyman
Travis Pattengale

Business, Society, and Government - 2016

“When the Unexpected Happens: Are No-profits Ready to Respond? ”

John Spillan

Operations Management & Entrepreneurship Association - 2016

“The Marketing-Product Recovery Interface: An Interdisciplinary and Case Study Approach”

Shad Dowlatshahi

Society for Case Research - 2014

“Cases on Minority and Women-Owned Businesses: An Update”

Jeff Totten
Rasheek Irtisam

Society for the Advancement of Information Systems - 2016

“Personal Social Media in the Workplace: The Influence of Job Characteristics and Technostress on Performance”

Stoney Brooks

Marketing Management Association - 2016

“Product Information and Consumer Choice Confidence in Multi-item Sales Promotions”

Demetra Andrews

Midwest Society for Human Resources/Industrial Relations - 2010

“Glorified Messengers for Management” or “Legitimate Unionism?” “Analyzing Local Independent Unions in the Post-Company Union Era”

Victor G. Devinatz