2021 MBAA International VIRTUAL Conference: March 24 – 26, 2021

Office History

MBAA International Best Paper Winners

Best Overall Paper on Conference Theme – 2015

“Understanding the Service Evaluation, Consumption Emotions, and Behavioral Intentions Relationship for Chinese Lodging Guests”

Scott Swanson
Lujun Su
Xiaohong Chen

Academy of Finance – 2017

“Bank Globalization and Efficiency: International Evidence”

Haiyan Yin, Indiana Univ. South Bend
Jiawen Yang, George Washington Univ.
Xing Lu, Indiana Univ. South Bend

Academy of International Business Midwest Region – 2017

“Financial Openness, Financial Markets Development, and Economic Growth: Evidence from Americas, Asia, and Europe”

Jittima Tongurai, Kobe Univ., Japana
Chaiporn Vithessonthi, Sunway Univ., Malaysia

Midwest Academy of Legal Studies – 2017

“”How the NLRB’s Decisions in Cases Involving Social Media are Narrowing the Definition of Concerted Activity … Whether Employees ‘Like’ it or Not”

Jessica A. Magaldi, Pace Univ.
Jonathan S. Sales, Pace Univ.
Elizabeth A. Cameron, Alma College

North American Accounting Society – 2017

“White-collar Crimes of Teachers and Accountants: Similar Crimes, Different Perceptions”

Ellen J. Lippman, Univ. of Portland
Grace Holmes, Audit, Deloitte Touche

Midwest Business Economics Association – 2017

“Dynamic Laffer Curves, Economic Growth and Public Capital”

John Robert Stinespring, Univ. of Tampa

Business Health Administration Association – 2017

“The Trends in DTCA and Effects of DTCA by Pharmaceutical Firm in the United States

Sathorn Preechavuthinant, Marshall Univ.
William “Kent” Willis, Marshall Univ.
Alberto Coustasse, Marshall Univ.

North American Management Society – 2017

“Millennials and Role Innovation”

Baiyun Gong, Nova Southeastern Univ.
Arlene Ramkissoon, Nova Southeastern Univ.
Regina A. Greenwood, Nova Southeastern Univ.
David Hoyte, Nova Southeastern Univ.

Business, Society, and Government – 2017

“Leveraging Mobile and Cloud Computing Technology: A Case Study”

Anu Gokhale, Illinois State Univ.

Operations Management and Entrepreneurship Association – 2017

“Rationality and Intuition in Operational Innovation: The Role of an Ambidextrous Decision Culture”

Jie McCardle, Georgia Southern Univ.

Society for Case Research – 2017

“An Examination of Cases in the Classroom: How Faculty Use Case Studies for Teaching”

Michael H. Kennedy, East Carolina Univ.
Leigh W. Cellucci, East Carolina Univ.
Cara Peters, Winthrop Univ.
Eric Woodruff, East Carolina Univ.

Society for the Advancement of Information Systems – 2017

“Development of a Scale to Measure Attitudes Toward Information Systems and Technology”

Anu Gokhale, Illinois State Univ.

Marketing Management Association – 2017

“Brand Marketing via Facebook: An Investigation of the Marketing Mix,
Consumer-Based Brand Equity and Purchase Intention in the Fitness Industry”

Benjamin K. Wright, Ball State Univ.

Midwest Society for Human Resources/Industrial Relations – 2010

“Glorified Messengers for Management” or “Legitimate Unionism?” “Analyzing Local Independent Unions in the Post-Company Union Era”

Victor G. Devinatz