Office History

MBAA International Best Paper Winners

Best Overall Paper on Conference Theme – 2015

“Understanding the Service Evaluation, Consumption Emotions, and Behavioral Intentions Relationship for Chinese Lodging Guests”

Scott Swanson
Lujun Su
Xiaohong Chen

Academy of Finance – 2021

“Price Leadership and Asynchronous Movements
of Multi-Market Listed Stocks”

Yuan Yuan, University of Wisconsin–Whitewater
Ran Tao, University of Wisconsin–Whitewater
Krastina Dzhambova, University of Wisconsin–Whitewater

Academy of International Business Midwest Region – 2021

“What Is Happening to U.S.–China Trade?”

Peter Geib, Minnesota State University
Lucie Pfaff, College of Mount Saint Vincent”

Midwest Academy of Legal Studies – 2021

“Trump Talk: What Can and What Should Legal Studies Professors Say About Trump, Politics, and Other Matters of Public Concern?”

Dexter Woods, Ohio Northern University

North American Accounting Society – 2021

“Audit Engagement Partner Education and Audit Quality”

Zsofia Barandi, University of North Dakota
Katherine Campbell, University of North Dakota
Xiaoli Guo, University of North Dakota
Matthew Notbohm, University of North Dakota

Midwest Business Economics Association – 2019

“How Emotions Influence the Decision Making of Mothers of Toddlers Whether to Vaccinate”

Lucia Ludvigh Cintulova, St. Elisabeth University
Libusa Radkova, St. Elisabeth University

Business Health Administration Association – 2021

“Hospitals Response to the Overwhelming Surge of Patients During the 1918 Influenza Epidemic in Chicago”

Blair Gifford, University of Colorado–Denver

North American Management Society – 2019

“Improving Mobile Phone Banking Usefulness, Usability, Risk, Cost, and Intention to Adopt”
Ali Parfait Hebie, Ministry of Finance of Burkina–Faso, West Africa
Steve Roussas, Walden University

Business, Society, and Government – 2019

“Cybersecurity and Management’s Ethical Responsibilities: The Case of Equifax and Uber”

James Rasalam, Valdosta State University
Raymond J. Elson, Valdosta State University

Operations Management and Entrepreneurship Association – 2021

“Employee Ownership as a Solution to the SME Succession Issue”

Carl Pitchford, United International Business School
Perry Haan, Tiffin University

Society for Case Research – 2021

“Case Study Gender Inclusiveness: An Empirical Analysis”

Ann Hackert, Idaho State University
Karen Foust, Tulane University
Jessica Magaldi, Pace University

Society for the Advancement of Information Systems – 2021

“Risk Profiling for Data Breach Management in the U.S. Healthcare Industry”

In Lee, Western Illinois University

Marketing Management Association – 2021

in Consumer Behavior and B2b
“The Arrival of Self-Driving Vehicles: A Profile of Potential Drivers”
Kevin Elliott, Minnesota State University Mankato
Mark Hall, Minnesota State University Mankato
Juan Gloria Meng, Minnesota State University Mankato

in Cross-Cultural, Ethics, and Social Responsibility**
“Influence of Social Media Factors on Turkish and U.S. Facebook Users”
Tugba Bingol, Nichols College
Leila Samii, Southern New Hampshire University
Tej Dhakar, Southern New Hampshire University

in Branding, Strategy and Research**
“A Survey of Historical Marketing Influences on Artisan Vendors”
Aruna Sadasivan, Georgia College and State University
Samuel Mullis, Georgia College and State University
Mary Kay Rickard, Georgia College and State University
Doreen Sams, Georgia College and State University

in Social Media and Digital Marketing Track**
“Connecting Social Media Consumer Engagement and Brand Advocacy Through Brand Involvement: A Case of Competitive Mediation”
Brian Vander Schee, Indiana University
James W. Peltier, University of Wisconsin–Whitewater
Andrew J. Dahl, University of Wisconsin–Whitewater

Midwest Society for Human Resources/Industrial Relations – 2010

“Glorified Messengers for Management” or “Legitimate Unionism?” “Analyzing Local Independent Unions in the Post-Company Union Era”

Victor G. Devinatz