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Winning Papers Archive


2021"Case Study Gender Inclusiveness: An Empirical Analysis
Ann Hackert, Idaho State University"
Karen Foust, Tulane University
Jessica Magaldi, Pace University
2019Fuel Cell Energy: Is China the Right Market?
Denise (Deni) Oas, University of Central Missouri
Eric Nelson, University of Central Missouri
Karen Koza, Western Connecticut State University
2017An Examination of Cases in the Classroom:
How Faculty Use Case Studies for Teaching
Michael H. Kennedy, East Carolina University
Leigh W. Cellucci, East Carolina University
Cara Peters, Winthrop University
Eric Woodruff , East Carolina University
2014"Cases on Minority and Women-Owned Businesses: An Update"
Jeff Totten, McNeese State University
Rasheek Irtisam, McNeese State University
2013 "The Society for Case Research: An Organization Built on a Culture of Success"
Reed McKnight, University of New Mexico
Roy Cook, Fort Lewis College
Kay Hodge, University of Nebraska at Kearney
2012 "What to Do With a Druggie"
Kelly A. Trusty, Trine University
Leigh W. Cellucci, East Carolina University
Ed Leonard, Trine University
2010"Applying Signature Pedagogies and Disciplined Mind Concepts to Developing Critical Incidents."
Joy Benson, University of Wisconsin
Sally Dresdow, University of Wisconsin

"Expanding the Experiential Nature of Case Teaching for Business."
Jeffrey Conner, Hanover College
Robyne Hart, Associated Colleges of the Midwest
2008"Blood Bananas"
Steven Cox, Queens University of Charlotte
Bradley W. Brooks, Queens University of Charlotte
2007“A Manager’s Dilemma: Who Gets the Project?”
Doug Polley, St. Cloud State University
Paula Weber, St. Cloud State University
2006 "Knowledge Creation Through the use of the Case Method with Diverse Groups of Students from the Asia Pacific Region”
Ronald J. Patten, Ritsumeikan, Asia Pacific University - Beppu, Japan
Masaharu Kuhara, Ritsumeikan, Asia Pacific University - Beppu, Japan
2005“A Case Study of the Case Writing Experience: A Mini-Case Example”
Roy A. Cook, J. Larry Goff, Fort Lewis College
2003"Managerial Application and Teching Dichotomies"
Joyce T. Heames
Robert W. Service- Samford University
2002"Case Methodology and Accounting Instruction"
Janet Bear Wolverton - Oregon Institute of Technology
Roy A. Cook - Fort Lewis College
2001"Into the New Millennium - Will Case Finally Get Some Respect?"
Robert H. Ross, Esther L. Headley - Wichita State University
2000"Teaching Doctoral Students in Business to Teach, A 1999 Update"
Robert H. Ross, Esther L. Headley, Wichita State University
1998"Comparing Cases & Critical Incidents: An Exploratory Study"
Roy Cook, Lawrence S. Corman, James Clay - Fort Lewis College
1997"The Role of Refereed Cases in the New AACSB Environment"
Robert H. Ross, Esther L. Headley - Wichita University

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