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2019Improving Mobile Phone Banking Usefulness,
Usability, Risk, Cost, and Intention to Adopt
Ali Parfait Hebie, Ministry of Finance of Burkina–Faso, West Africa
Steve Roussas, Walden University
2018Developing and Piloting a Training Program to
Ameliorate Work Ethic Espousal
Melissa Mann, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
2017Millennials and Role Innovation
Baiyun Gong, Nova Southeastern University
Arlene Ramkissoon, Nova Southeastern University
Regina A. Greenwood, Nova Southeastern University
David Hoyte, Nova Southeastern University
2016"The Quest for Nudge in Organizational Behavior"
Jie McCardle, Idaho State University
Andrew Lyman, Idaho State University
Travis Pattengale, Idaho State University
2015"Faculty Promotion in Business Schools: What Counts and What Should Count?"
Carolyn Wiley, Roosevelt University
Valerie Wallingford, Bemidji State University
Mireia Monllor-Tormos, Airbus
Gyongyi Konyu-Fogel, Walsh College
2014"The Use of Voluntary Public Disclosure and Patenting Strategies to Capture Value from Product Innovations"
Sharon James, Ohio State University
2013"Corporate Governance and Transparency: A Research Study Investigating CEP Duality in Fortune Ranked Companies"
Patricia B. Abels, The University of Findlay
Joseph T. Martelli, The University of Findlay
2012"A Practice Approach to Addressing Strategic Risk and Uncertainty for Management Consultants"
Thomas Cooper, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Blair Winsor, Edinburgh Napier University
2011"The Impact of Organizational Capabilities, Environmental Uncertainties, and Generic Strategies on Crisis Readiness: An Empirical Examination of Retail Professionals"
William "Rick" Crandall, University of North Carlina at Pembroke
John A. Parnell, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Maria Nathan, Lynchburg College
2010"An Investigation of the Innovation and INtegration Capacity of U.S. Health Care Organizations."
Dawn Bowden, International School of Management
2008Joy of Entrepreneurship: A Longitudinal Section Study"
Christina Stadler, Philipps-Universitt, Marburg, Germany
Dirk Knychala, Gothaer Finanzholding AG, Koln, Germany
2007“The Relationship of Quality Work Life Programs and Organizational Commitment: The Moderating Effects of Personal Traits”
Tung-Chun Huang, National Central University
2006"Measuring the Effectiveness of a Workplace Diversity Training Program: A Field Study"
Kenneth P. De Meuse, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
2005"Strategic Decision Making: Problems and Prospects"
David O'Gorman, University of Illinois-Springfield
2004"Influence of Individual Differences on the Job Search Process"
Rajeev Sawhney, Wester Illinois University
Steven C. Hunt, Western Illinois University
Kum Kum Rathmore, University of Rajasthan
2003"The Vanishing Leisure of the Faculty Class: New Administrative Challenges and Responses" Michael G. Harvey - University of Mississippi
Milorad M. Novicevic, Thomas S. Kuffel, Paul N. Keaton - University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
Thomas D. Sigerstad - Frostburg State University
2002"The Role of the Initial Interview in New Management Ph.D's Job Search"
Steven Hunt - Western Illinois University
Rajeev Sawhney - Western Illinois University
2001"Resource Dependency & Corporate Directors: A Test of the Business Week Best & Worst Boards"
Jeryl L. Nelson - Wayne State College
2000"Deming: A New Philosophy or Another Voice"
John B. Washbush - University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
1999"The Role of Organizational Culture in Trust Relationships of Managers & Employees"
Carol M. Jessup - University of Illinois at Springfield
Ik-Whan Kwon, Phillipp A. Stoeberl - Saint Louis University
1998"The Impact of Strategic Management & External Factors on Performance in Small US Exporting Firms"
Thomas Garsombke - Saint Johns University
Diane Garsombke - University of Wisconsin/Superior
1997"Support Systems for Training: What We Learned from the Literature"
Max U. Montesino, Mitchell A. Sherr - Indiana
University/Purdue University Fort Wayne
1996"The Effects of Environment, Strategy, Culture & Resource Dependency on Perceptions of Organizational Effectiveness"
Christopher B. Clott - Saint Xavier University

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