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2022The Effect of Auditor Switch on Auditor Behavior
Essam Elshafie, Northeastern Illinois University
2021"Audit Engagement Partner Education and Audit Quality"
Zsofia Barandi, University of North Dakota
Katherine Campbell, University of North Dakota
Xiaoli Guo, University of North Dakota
Matthew Notbohm, University of North Dakota
2019The Eff ects of Explicit Clarifi cation of Auditor Responsibility for Error or
Fraud on Lenders’ Perceptions of Audit Quality and Loan Decisions
Xia (Amy) Zhang, Alabama A&M University
Kayla Booker, Rhodes College
2018The Impact of the Current Expected Credit Loss Standard (CECL)
on the Timing and Comparability of Reserves
Sarah Chae, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Robert F. Sarama, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Cindy M. Vojtech, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
James Wang, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
2017White-collar Crimes of Teachers and Accountants:
Similar Crimes, Diff erent Perceptions
Ellen J. Lippman, University of Portland
Grace Holmes, Audit, Deloitte Touche
2016"GenderDiversity of Audit Committees and Audit Fees: Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies"
Rui Xiang, Sichuan University
Meng Qin, Sichuan University
Craig Peterson, Western University
2015"Retail Leases: A Case Study Examining Archived, Current, and Future Standards"
Natalie T. Churyk, Northern Illinois University
Alan Reinstein, Wayne State University
Lance Smith, Ernst & Young, LLP
2014"Gender in the New Age of Accounting Education: An Analysis of Contributions to a Computerized Discussion Board in a Cost Accounting Course"
Timothy J. Fogarty, Case Western Reserve University
Paul M. Goldwater, University of Central Florida
2013"CEO Compensation and Accruals Management"
Nan Hu, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Ling Liu, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Lee J. Yao, Loyola University - New Orleans
2012"Analyst Firm Coverage and Forecast Accuracy: The Effect of Regulation Fair Disclosure"
Ling Liu, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
2011"Does It Matter Where Assets Are Held and Income Is Derived? Further Evidence of Differntial Value Relevance from Quebec"
Roger C. Graham Jr., College of Business, Oregan State University
Cameron K. J. Chartered Accountants Reserch Fellow
I. H. Asper Sshool of Business, University of Manitoba
Janet B. Morrill, Chartered Accountants Research Fellow
I. H. Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba
2010"Student Perceptions of Wikis for Cooperative Learning in an Accounting Course."
Dee Ann Ellingson, University of North Dakota
Kate Campbell, University of North Dakota
2009"From Micro to Meso: Overuse of Strengths & A Framework for Assessing and Improving Organization Effectiveness"
Mary K. Foster, Morgan State University
2008"Factors Associated with Student Performance in Auditing: An Empirical Study in a Diversified Public University"
Mostafa M. Maksy, Northeastern Illinois University
Lin Zheng, Mercer University
2007"Auditor Decisions and the Problem of Independence: Informational Asymmetry and the Actions of a 'Rogue Auditor'"
Paul Barnes, Northeastern University
2006Measuring the Effectiveness of a Workplace Diversity Training Program: A Field Study
Kenneth P. De Meuse, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
2005"Accountants Reach for the Blog"
Carol M. Jessup, University of Illinois at Springfield
2004"Where did Anderson s Clients Go? A Study of Fee-Discounts, Premia and Successor Auditors"
William Harrison, Price Waterhouse Coopers; Jennifer Niece, Assumption College; Gregory Trompeter, Boston College
2003"Accounting for Outsourcing"
Kenneth E. Stone, Ronald D. Niemeyer - Central Missouri State University
2002"The Influence of WebTrust? on Consumer Purchases"
David H. Sinason, Sally A. Webber - Northern Illinois University
2001"What Permanent Tax Differences Do (Do Not) Tell Us about the Shrinking Corporate Tax Base"
Christine C. Bauman, Michael S. Schadewald - University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee
2000"Accounting for Stakeholder Issues: Why Social Disclosure Matters"
Raymond E. Figlewicz - University of Michigan - Dearborn Deborah K. Jones - Wayne State University
Eugene Szwajkowski - University of Illinois - Chicago
1999"A Preliminary Examination of Tax Policy Issues for Corporate Spin-Offs"
Ronald E. Flinn - Creighton University
1998"Usefulness of Accounting Earnings, Residual Income, & EVA: A Value-Relevance Perspective"
Shimin Chen - Clarion University
James L. Dodd - Drake University
1997"The Controversy Over Accounting for Stock Options: Historical Perspective"
Karleen Nordquist - BlackHills State University
Dee Ann Ellingson - University of North Dakota
1996"150-Hours: What Does the Profession Want?"
Arthur A. Hiltner, Rodney E. Medalen - University of North Dakota

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