Midwest Society for Human Resources/Industrial Relations

Winning Papers Archive


2010"Glorified Messengers for Management" or "Legitimate Unionism?" "Analyzing Local Independent Unions in the Post-Company Union Era"
Victor G. Devinatz - Illinois State University
1999"Imagine That--A Wildcat at Biomed!: Organizational Justice & the Anatomy of a Wildcat Strike at a Nonunionized Medical Electronics Factory"
Victor G. Devinatz - Illinois State University
1998"Disciplining Police Officers for Off-Duty Misconduct: Recent Arbitration Decisions"
William J. Walsh - Illinois Wesleyan University
1997"Behavioral & Institutional Theories of Human Resource Practices: An Integrated Perspective"
A. Amin Mohamed - Chicago State University
David E. Terpstra - University of Mississippi
1996"Reframing HRM, Ethics & Legal Theories to Promote Managerial Integrity"
Joseph A. Petrick - Wright State UniversityJohn F. Quinn - University of Dayton