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2022Business Education: Are We Teaching Saints or Scoundrels?
Nathanael D. Peach, Fort Lewis College
Joshua Sauerwein, Lubbock Christian University
2019Cybersecurity and Management’s Ethical Responsibilities:
The Case of Equifax and Uber
James Rasalam, Valdosta State University
Raymond J. Elson, Valdosta State University
2017Leveraging Mobile and Cloud Computing Technology: A Case Study
Anu Gokhale, Illinois State University
2016"When the Unexpected Happens: Are No-profits Ready to Respond? "
John Spillan, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
2013"Corporate Political Spending and the Banking Industry"
Michael Yahr, Robert Morris University
2012"The MOWST Matrix for Nonprofit Strategic Decision Making"
Michael Dobbs, Eastern Illinois University
Tristan Pisasczyk, St. John's Catholic Newman Center at the University of Illinois
2011Who Is In Charge? Cases of Not Managing Internal Controls in Nonprofit Organizations
John E. Spillan, The University of North Carlina at Pembroke
Christopher Ziemnowicz, The University of North Carlina at Pembroke
2010"Going Global: A Look at Corporate Citizenship."
Melissa Ann Schmid, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Lawrence Price, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Shelly McCallum, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

"Service Learning: An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Service Learning on Civic Mindedness."
James Weber, St. Cloud State University
Paula Weber, St. Cloud State University
2009 "The Epic Tale of a Merger: An Analysis of the Sirius-XM Satellite Radio Merger"
Steven C. Palmer, Eastern New Mexico University
David Hemley, Eastern New Mexico University
James Breyley, University of New England
2008"The Role of Workplace Learning within the Full-service Restaurant Industry"
Lee Weyant, Kutztown University

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