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2021"Hospitals Response to the Overwhelming Surge of Patients
During the 1918 Influenza Epidemic in Chicago"
Blair Gifford, University of Colorado–Denver
2019How Emotions Infl uence the Decision Making of
Mothers of Toddlers Whether to Vaccinate
Lucia Ludvigh Cintulova, St. Elisabeth University
Libusa Radkova, St. Elisabeth University
2018Mental Health in the United States and United Kingdom:
Past, Present, and Future
Emily R. Baggett, University of Evansville
William B. Stroube, University of Evansville
2017The Trends in DTCA and Eff ects of DTCA by
Pharmaceutical Firm in the United States
Sathorn Preechavuthinant, Marshall University
William “Kent” Willis, Marshall University
Alberto Coustasse, Marshall University
2016" A Long Term Care Administration Practicum Cohort Model with Adjunctive Applied, Online Coursework "
Jennifer Johs-Artisensi, Health Care Adminstration Program, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Douglas Olson, Health Care Administration Program, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
2015"Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Movement: Benefit or Disaster?"
Terri L. Barrett, West Virginia Healthcare Authority
2014"Overweight and Obesity among Children: An Evaluation of a Walking Program"
Nashat Zuraikat, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Julie Cash, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
2013"Developing Effective Preceptors for Future Health and Aging"
Jennifer Johs-Artsensi, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
LaNette Flunker, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Douglas Olson, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
2012"Avian and Pandemic Influenza (API) Beyond Control. . . It Is Prevention!"
Muhiuddin Haider, University of Maryland
Jared Frank, University of Maryland
2011"Hospital Turnaround Practice in the United States: Value and Role of Consultants"
Amrita Shenoy, University of Houston-Clear Lake
Raymond Khoury, University of houston-Clear Lake
Ashish Chandra, University of Houston-Clear Lake
2010"Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required of Continuing Care Retirement Communities' Executive Directors."
Michael Stowe, University of St. Francis
James Haefner, University of St. Francis
2007“The Balanced Scorecard Framework – A Case Study of Patient and Employee: What Happens When It Doesn’t Work As Planned?”
Andrea Lorden, University of North Texas
Alberto Coutasse, University of North Texas
Karan P. Singh, University of North Texas
2006"Impact of Direct To Consumer Advertising on Patient-Physician Relationship: The Healthcare Provider's Perspectives"
Maricris Miller, Marshall University Graduate College
2005"Health Care Rationing and Cost Control: Perspectives on the American Health Care System"
Ann Hughes Douglas, Jersey Shore Medical Center; David P. Paul, III, Monmouth University
2004The World Press Massages the SARS Phenomenon"
George Swales, Jr., John Bowdidge, Southwest Missouri State University
2003"The Future of Managed Inpatient Care: Hospitalists and Intensivists"
Stephen A. Becker - Jersey Shore Medical Center
David P. Paul, III - Monmouth University
2002"The Relationship Between Quality of Care and Financial Performance in Nursing Homes:An Assessment Using Structural Equation Modeling"
Gerald Neff - Kaufman, Hall, and Associates
Robert Weech-Maldonado - The Pennsylvania State University
2001Successful Collaboration Between Hospitals & Physicians: Process or Structure?"
Robert S. Curtis - Cardinal Health System, Inc/Muncie, Indiana
2000"Consumer Perceptions of Selected Drug-Related Advertised and Cultural Messages"
Ashish Chandra - Xavier University of Lousiana
1999"Managed Care, Reorganization & Empowerment"
J. Michael Rayburn - University of Tennessee/Martin
L. Gayle Rayburn - Southeast Missouri State University
1998"A Pilot Study Using Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory in a Hospital Laboratory"
J. Michael Rayburn - University of Tennessee/Martin
L. Gayle Rayburn - Southeast Missouri State University
1997"Conflict & Consensus as Dimensions of Interorganizational Collaboration in the Non-Profit Sector"
Anne M. Walsh - LaSalle University
1996 "Identification of Family Caregivers at Risk: A Challenge for Health Care"
Ann K. Carruth - Southeastern Louisiana University

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