Best Overall Paper on Conference Theme

2015"Understanding the Service Evaluation, Consumption Emotions, and Behavioral Intentions Relationship for Chinese Lodging Guests"
Scott Swanson, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Lujun Su, Business School of Central South University
Xiaohong Chen, Business School of Central South University
2014"The Use of Voluntary Public Disclosure and Patenting Strategies to Capture Value from Product Innovations"
Sharon James, Ohio State University
2013"The Role of Self-Efficacy in Sales Education"
Peter Knight, University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Claudia Mich, Purdue University Calumet
Michael T. Manion, University of Wisconsin - Parkside
2012"Difference in the Influence of Background Music Attrubutes on Consumers' Attitude According to Involvement"
Jai Kwon Park, Gyeongju University
Jung Ok Jeon, National University
Hyan Hee Park, Kyungpook National University
Eun Mi Lee, Pukyoung National University
2011"Supply Chain Alliances: Exploring the Drivers of Performance Value and Buyer Sattisfaction"
Ursula Y. Sullivan, Northern Illinois University
2010"The Development of Advertising and Marketing Education in the United States: The First 75 Years."
Edd Applegate, Middle Tennessee State University
2009"How Do U.S. and U.K. Salespeople Compare on the Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence, Positive and Negative Affect, and Customer Orientation Levels?"
Charles Pettijohn, Missouri State University
Elizabeth Rozell, Missouri State University
Andrew Newman, University of Salford
2008"Attitude Towards Globalization: The Role of Cultural Values, Global Identity and Regulatory Focus"
Stanford A. Westjohn, St. Louis University
Srdan Zdravkovic, St. Louis University
2007"Service Contact Employee Customer Orientation, Service Quality, and Satisfaction and the Moderating Role of Involvement"
Thomas L. Baker, Clemson University
Christopher D. Hopkins, Clemson University
J. Joseph Cronin, Florida State University
2006"Impact of Similarity in Resources on Marital Power"
Cynthia Webster, Mississippi State University
D.S. Sundaram, Northeastern Illinois University
Christopher D. Hopkins, Clemson University
2005"Consumers'Attitudes to Brand Extensions: The Role of Fit and Goal Congruency"
Susan Brudvig, Pushkal Raman , Florida State University
2004 "Information Search and Perceived Risk: Are There Differences for In-Home Versus In-Store Shoppers?"
Dee Ann Larson, Mississippi University for Women; Brian Engelland, Ron Taylor, Mississippi State University
2003"Customer Inquiries and Complaints: The Impact of Firm Response Time to Email Communications"
Robert Moore, Melissa Moore - Mississippi State University
2002"Anomie and Disaster in Corporate Culture: The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on the Ethical Climate of Market Organizations"
Phylis M. Mansfield - Pennsylvania State University - Erie
2001"The Effects of Frequency,Recency & Academic Prowess as Moderators of Service Quality Evaluations for Collegiate Academic Advising: An Exploratory Study"
Ty Abernathy, Brian Engelland - Mississippi State University
2000 "Perceived Risk and Moral Philosophy: New Directions in Marketing Ethics Studies"
John Cherry - Columbia College
1999 "Advertising Slogans & University Marketing: An Exploratory Study of Brand-Fit & Cognition in Higher Education"
Ronald Paugh, Oscar McKnight - Ashland University
1998"Service Quality & Repeat Usage: A Case of Rising Expectations"
Brian Engelland, Chris Hopkins - Mississippi State University
Letty Workman - Ohio University
Mandeep Singh - Western Illinois University
1997"Determinants of a Retail Firm's International Involvement"
Irena Vida - The University of Tennessee
1996"Role of Positioning Strategies on Consumer Evaluations of Brand Extensions"
Shiva Nandan, Monica Nandan - Western State College