Assoc. of Int'l. Business Research and Practice

Winning Papers Archive


2021"What Is Happening to U.S.–China Trade?"
Peter Geib, Minnesota State University
Lucie Pfaff, College of Mount Saint Vincent
2019Cultural Values and Their Effects on Cognitive Processes When Responding To Verbal And Numeric Rating Scales
Yaron Joseph Zoller, Lakeland University
Michael Bendixen, Nova Southeastern University
Maria Petrescu, Nova Southeastern University
Bruce Lilyea, Nova Southeastern University
2018Economic Freedom, Firm Value, and Firm Profitability:
An International Analysis
Min-Yu (Stella) Liao, Illinois State University
2017Financial Openness, Financial Markets Development, and Economic
Growth: Evidence from Americas, Asia, and Europe
Jittima Tongurai, Kobe University, Japana
Chaiporn Vithessonthi, Sunway University, Malaysia
2016"Investigation of the Economic Growth and Wealth Distribution between China and USA with the Top 100 Billionaires Data Analytics "
The Late Ben-Chieh Liu, Chicago State University
Jan-Jo Chen, Chicago State University, Jian-Chern Chen, Northwestern Polytechnic University
We-Wei Cheng, Northrop Grumman
2015"The Interactive Effects of Internationalization and Social Performance on Financial Performance: A Longitudinal Analysis of US firms from 1995-2012"
Alan Muller, University of Amsterdam Business School
2014"An Empirical Analysis of the Time-Varying Volatility Correlations of Major U.S. Stock Indices during the 2008 - 2009 Economic Downturn"
Zhixin Kang, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
2013"Determinants, Entry Modes, and Performance Evidence from China"
Jun Wu, Savannah State University
Maureen I. Muller-Kahle, Penn State University
Anshu Saxena Arora, Savannah State University
Reginald Leseane, Savannah State University
2012"The Impact of Inward FDI on Indigenous New Film Creation: Spatial and Sectoral Effects"
In Hyeock (Ian) Lee, Western Kentucky University
Eunsuk Hong, University of London
2011"How Important Is Cultural Distance Factor in Importer-Exporter Relationship: An Empirical Investigation"
C.P.Rao, Morgan State University
Augustus Abbey, Morgan State University
2010"Host Country Effects on the Success of International Acquisitions: The Case of Private Equity Investments."
Sharon Watson, University of Delaware
Anthony George, University of Delaware
2009"The Regional Strategies and Performance of International New Ventures from Korea"
Alan Rugman, Indiana University
In Hyeock Lee, Western Kentucky University
2008 "Strategic Change and the Privatization Process of State- Owned Enterprises in Thailand Platform Building and Action Sequences"
Robert Moussetis, North Central College
Orawee Sriboonlue, Alliant International University
Ali Abu-Rahma, Alliant International University
2007"Infusion Methods of Internationalizing the Business Curriculum: A Pilot Study"
John S. Hill, University of Alabama
S. Scott Nadler, Eastern Carolina University
2006"Global Leadership Competence: A Cultural Intelligence Perspective"
Chen-Oi Chin, CreativeChange.Biz
Lisa P. Gaynier, CreativeChange.Biz
2005"Foreign Direct Investment and Globalization In Brazil"
John E. Spillan, Pennsylvania State University - DuBois; Christopher Ziemnowicz, Concord College
2004"A comparative Study on Economic Development Using Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship: The Case of Bolivia Chile"
John E. Spillan, Penn State University-Dubois
Chris Ziemnowicz Concord College
2003"Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency in Europe"
Raj Aroskar - University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
Salil K. Sarkar, Peggy E. Swanson - University of Texas at Arlington
2002"Subsidiary Entrepreneurship and the Advantage of Multinationality"
Mohammad Yamin
2001"Environmental Scanning & Strategic Decisions at the Headquarters Foreign Subsidiary Level: An Empirical Study"
Raman Muralidharan - Indiana University/South Bend
1999"The Relationship Between Strategic Management Orientation & Arab Culture: A Conceptual Proposal"
Alia Abu-Rahma - United States International University
Robert Moussetis - North Central College
George Nakos - Clayton State University
1998"Foreign Expansion Patterns of US Banks: An Empirical Analysis"
Stewart R. Miller, Arvind Parkhe - Indiana University/Bloomington
1997"Use of Intangible Assets to Represent Information Asymmetries from Froot & Stein's Model of Foreign Direct Investment"
Barry C. Foltos - Saint Louis University
1996"What Entry-level Management Accountants Need to Know About International Business"
John W. Gillett, James D. Goodnow - Bradley University

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