2019 MBAA International Conference: March 27 – 29, 2019

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Winning Papers Archive

2018Bank Failures, Capital Buffers, and Exposure
to the Housing Market Bubble
Gazi Kara, Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Board
Cindy M. Vojtech, Principal Economist, Federal Reserve Board
2017Bank Globalization and Effi ciency: International Evidence
Haiyan Yin, Indiana University South Bend
Jiawen Yang, George Washington University
Xing Lu, Indiana University South Bend
2016"Looking Beyond the Pale: Evidence that Investors look beyond Concurrent Annualized Returns in Assigning Corporate Reputations"
Thomas M. Krueger, Texas A&M University–Kingsville
Mark A. Wrolstad, Ph.D., Winona State University
2015"Management of Exchange Rate Exposure with Hedging Activities: New Approach and Evidence"
Sung C. Bae, Bowling Green State University
Taek Ho Kwon, Chungnam National University
Rae Soo Park, Sookmyung Women's University
2014"Evidence of a Housing Wealth Effect on Municipal Bond Yields"
Sheri Faircloth, University of Nevada-Reno
Marcus T. Allen, Florida Gulf Coast University
Ali Nejadmalayeri, University of Tulsa
Surya Chelikhani, Quinnipiac University
2013"Conservative Boards"
Sheri Faircloth, University of Nevada - Reno
Arun Upadhyay, University of Nevada - Reno
Rahul Bhargava, University of Nevada - Reno
2012"Are 1997 Asian Twins Crises Contagious?"
Chu-Sheng Tai, Texas Southern University
2011"The Transmission of Shock to LIBOR Risk Spreads and Normal Risk Free Rates"
Albert E.Deprince Jr., Middle Tennessee State University
Pamela D. Morris, Kaplan University
2010 "Liquidity Changes Subsequent to Reverse Stock Splits."
Gow-Cheng Huang, Alabama State University
Kartono Liano, Mississippi State University
Herman Manakyan, Salisbury University
Ming-Shiun Pan, Shippensburg University
2009"Foreign Exchange Risk and Risk Exposure in the Japanese Stock Market"
Chu-Sheng Tai Texas Southern University
2008"Testing the Market Efficiency for Different Market Capitalization Funds"
Hossein Varamini, Elizabethtown College
Svetlana Kalash, McKonly and Asbury, LLP
2007"Do Underwriter Warrants Signal Long-Run Growth Potential?"
Sung C. Bae, Bowling Green State University
Hoje Jo, Santa Clara University
2006"Analysis of the Wealth Impact of Re-Allocation Decisions by Institutional Plan Sponsors"
Jeffrey Heisler, Gottex Fund Management
Christopher R. Knittel, University of California-Davis
John J. Neumann, St. John's University
Scott D. Stewart, Boston University
2005"Corporate Ownership Structure and Governance: Is There a Link?"
Sheri Faircloth, Ali Nejadmalayeri, Manohar Singh, University of Nevada - Reno
2004"Currency Crises and Exchange Rate Behavior: Developed Country Markets Versus Emerging Country Markets"
Rajarshi (Raj) Aroskar, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; Peggy E. Swanson, Univ. of Texas at Arlington
2003"Testing the Theory Underlying the Dogs of the Dow Investment Strategy"
Alan W. Middleton- Ohio University- Lancaster
2002"Asymmetric Reverting Behavior of Stock Returns in MENA Capital Markets"
Eric Girard, Tarek Zaher - Indiana State University
2001"Do Borrowers with Different Size Mortgages Exhibit Similar Prepayment Behavior? An Analysis of Fannie Mae Mortgage Pools"
Helen M. Currie - Elon College
Ed Duett - Mississippi State University
Dayne Zimmerman - First Union Securities
2000"Predicting Short Term Interest Rates: Empirical Evidence From an Error Correction Model"
Asim Ghosh - Saint Josephs University
Robert Boldin - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
1999 "Using Discriminant Analysis to Predict the Market Reaction to Dividend Initiations"
Zhenhu Jin, Yanxiang Gu - Illinois Wesleyan University
1998"Leveraged Buyouts, Firm Performance & the Statement of Cash Flows"
Kevin M. Bahr - University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee
1997"Municipal Portfolio Risk: Hedgin Effectiveness Based on the Error Correction Model"
Asim Ghosh - Saint Joseph's University
Robert J. Boldin - Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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