Academy of Business Economics

Winning Papers Archive

2017Dynamic Laff er Curves, Economic Growth and Public Capital"
John Robert Stinespring, University of Tampa
2016"Agent Bargaining"
William Robert Ingersoll, University of Arizona
Alex Wagner Roomets, Franklin & Marshall College
2015"Predatory Patent Litigation: How Patent Assertion Entities Use Reputation to Monetize Bad Patents"
Erik Hovenkamp, Northwestern University
2014"Merger Arbitrage Investment an Effective Strategy for High Rollers and Small Time Investors: Evidence from U.S. Cash Deal Mergers"
Brenda Kahn, University of Tampa
2013"Tax Evasion and the Decline of the Roman Empire"
John Robert Stinespring, University of Tampa
2012"Bad Job, Happy Retirement? Job Characteristics and Retirement Satisfaction for Union and Non-Union Workers"
Kevin Neuman, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
2011"The Economics of Vertical Integration Revisited"
Brian T. Kench, University of Tampa
Trevor M. Knox, Muhlenberg College
H. Scott Wallace, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
2010"Patients' Perceptions and treatment Effectiveness: A Reassessment Using Generalized Maximum Entropy."
Sean Murphy, West Texas A&M University
Daniel L. Friesner, North Dakota State University
Robert Rosenman, Washington State University
2009"Airline International Gateways"
Brenda Kahn, University of Tampa
Philip Kahn, University of Illinois Chicago
2008 "Asymmetric Price Adjustment in Retail Gasoline Market"
Nodir Adilov, Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne
Hedayeh Samavati, Indiana University-Purdue University- Fort Wayne
2006"Strong Altruism: An Element in the Emergence of Public Institutions?"
Neil B. Niman, University of New Hampshire
Brian T. Kench, University of Tampa
Ping Zhang, PayPal Inc
2005"Public Health Insurance Expansions for Parents, Evidence from Wisconsin "
Jason Davis, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
2004“A Game Theoretic Model for Marital Infidelity and Divorce in the Presence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Implications for Social Welfare and Public Policy”
Peter Cashel-Cordo, University of Southern Indiana; Dan Friesner, Gonzaga University
2003 "Project Based Learning in an Interdisciplinary Economics and Mathematics Service Course"
Paul Kochanowski, Morteza Shafii-Mousavi - Indiana University South Bend
2002"Free Trade Agreements Are Rarely Politically Viable in the Long-Run"
Tracy Hofer - University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
2001"Estimating Probabilities of Multi-Year Horizons for Common Stock with the Normal & Lognormal Distribution Functions"
William Wilding, Mohammed Khayum - University of Southern Indiana
2000"Private and Proprietary Business Colleges and Cost of Education: A Multi-Product Total Cost Function Approach"
Rajindar K. Koshal, Manjulika Koshal, Ashok Gupta - Ohio University
1999The Distribution of Human Capital & Economic Growth"
Bijou Yang Lester - Drexel University
1998"A Profile of Doctoral Dissertations in Economics: Analysis of the 1994-1995 Data"
Munir Zuddus - University of Southern Indiana
1997"The Desirability of Economic Development Incentives"
Paul Kochanowski - Indiana University/South Bend
1996"An Economic Framework to Analyze Physical Depreciation & Product Replacement"
Richard J. Skolnik - Tiffin University

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