Academy of Finance

Year Paper
2016 "Looking Beyond the Pale: Evidence that Investors look beyond Concurrent Annualized Returns in Assigning Corporate Reputations"
Thomas M. Krueger, Texas A&M University–Kingsville
Mark A. Wrolstad, Ph.D., Winona State University
2015 "Management of Exchange Rate Exposure with Hedging Activities: New Approach and Evidence"
Sung C. Bae, Bowling Green State University
Taek Ho Kwon, Chungnam National University
Rae Soo Park, Sookmyung Women's University
2014 "Evidence of a Housing Wealth Effect on Municipal Bond Yields"
Sheri Faircloth, University of Nevada-Reno
Marcus T. Allen, Florida Gulf Coast University
Ali Nejadmalayeri, University of Tulsa
Surya Chelikhani, Quinnipiac University
2013 "Conservative Boards"
Sheri Faircloth, University of Nevada - Reno
Arun Upadhyay, University of Nevada - Reno
Rahul Bhargava, University of Nevada - Reno
2012 "Are 1997 Asian Twins Crises Contagious?"
Chu-Sheng Tai, Texas Southern University
2011 "The Transmission of Shock to LIBOR Risk Spreads and Normal Risk Free Rates"
Albert E.Deprince Jr., Middle Tennessee State University
Pamela D. Morris, Kaplan University
2010 "Liquidity Changes Subsequent to Reverse Stock Splits."
Gow-Cheng Huang, Alabama State University
Kartono Liano, Mississippi State University
Herman Manakyan, Salisbury University
Ming-Shiun Pan, Shippensburg University
2009 "Foreign Exchange Risk and Risk Exposure in the Japanese Stock Market"
Chu-Sheng Tai Texas Southern University
2008 "Testing the Market Efficiency for Different Market Capitalization Funds"
Hossein Varamini, Elizabethtown College
Svetlana Kalash, McKonly and Asbury, LLP
2007 "Do Underwriter Warrants Signal Long-Run Growth Potential?"
Sung C. Bae, Bowling Green State University
Hoje Jo, Santa Clara University
2006 "Analysis of the Wealth Impact of Re-Allocation Decisions by Institutional Plan Sponsors"
Jeffrey Heisler, Gottex Fund Management
Christopher R. Knittel, University of California-Davis
John J. Neumann, St. John's University
Scott D. Stewart, Boston University
2005 "Corporate Ownership Structure and Governance: Is There a Link?"
Sheri Faircloth, Ali Nejadmalayeri, Manohar Singh, University of Nevada - Reno
2004 "Currency Crises and Exchange Rate Behavior: Developed Country Markets Versus Emerging Country Markets"
Rajarshi (Raj) Aroskar, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; Peggy E. Swanson, Univ. of Texas at Arlington
2003 "Testing the Theory Underlying the Dogs of the Dow Investment Strategy"
Alan W. Middleton- Ohio University- Lancaster
2002 "Asymmetric Reverting Behavior of Stock Returns in MENA Capital Markets"
Eric Girard, Tarek Zaher - Indiana State University
2001 "Do Borrowers with Different Size Mortgages Exhibit Similar Prepayment Behavior? An Analysis of Fannie Mae Mortgage Pools"
Helen M. Currie - Elon College
Ed Duett - Mississippi State University
Dayne Zimmerman - First Union Securities
2000 "Predicting Short Term Interest Rates: Empirical Evidence From an Error Correction Model"
Asim Ghosh - Saint Josephs University
Robert Boldin - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
1999 "Using Discriminant Analysis to Predict the Market Reaction to Dividend Initiations"
Zhenhu Jin, Yanxiang Gu - Illinois Wesleyan University
1998 "Leveraged Buyouts, Firm Performance & the Statement of Cash Flows"
Kevin M. Bahr - University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee
1997 "Municipal Portfolio Risk: Hedgin Effectiveness Based on the Error Correction Model"
Asim Ghosh - Saint Joseph's University
Robert J. Boldin - Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Academy of International Business Midwest Region

Year Paper
2016 "Investigation of the Economic Growth and Wealth Distribution between China and USA with the Top 100 Billionaires Data Analytics "
The Late Ben-Chieh Liu, Chicago State University
Jan-Jo Chen, Chicago State University, Jian-Chern Chen, Northwestern Polytechnic University
We-Wei Cheng, Northrop Grumman
2015 "The Interactive Effects of Internationalization and Social Performance on Financial Performance: A Longitudinal Analysis of US firms from 1995-2012"
Alan Muller, University of Amsterdam Business School
2014 "An Empirical Analysis of the Time-Varying Volatility Correlations of Major U.S. Stock Indices during the 2008 - 2009 Economic Downturn"
Zhixin Kang, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
2013 "Determinants, Entry Modes, and Performance Evidence from China"
Jun Wu, Savannah State University
Maureen I. Muller-Kahle, Penn State University
Anshu Saxena Arora, Savannah State University
Reginald Leseane, Savannah State University
2012 "The Impact of Inward FDI on Indigenous New Film Creation: Spatial and Sectoral Effects"
In Hyeock (Ian) Lee, Western Kentucky University
Eunsuk Hong, University of London
2011 "How Important Is Cultural Distance Factor in Importer-Exporter Relationship: An Empirical Investigation"
C.P.Rao, Morgan State University
Augustus Abbey, Morgan State University
2010 "Host Country Effects on the Success of International Acquisitions: The Case of Private Equity Investments."
Sharon Watson, University of Delaware
Anthony George, University of Delaware
2009 "The Regional Strategies and Performance of International New Ventures from Korea"
Alan Rugman, Indiana University
In Hyeock Lee, Western Kentucky University
2008 "Strategic Change and the Privatization Process of State- Owned Enterprises in Thailand Platform Building and Action Sequences"
Robert Moussetis, North Central College
Orawee Sriboonlue, Alliant International University
Ali Abu-Rahma, Alliant International University
2007 "Infusion Methods of Internationalizing the Business Curriculum: A Pilot Study"
John S. Hill, University of Alabama
S. Scott Nadler, Eastern Carolina University
2006 "Global Leadership Competence: A Cultural Intelligence Perspective"
Chen-Oi Chin, CreativeChange.Biz
Lisa P. Gaynier, CreativeChange.Biz
2005 "Foreign Direct Investment and Globalization In Brazil"
John E. Spillan, Pennsylvania State University - DuBois; Christopher Ziemnowicz, Concord College
2004 "A comparative Study on Economic Development Using Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship: The Case of Bolivia Chile"
John E. Spillan, Penn State University-Dubois
Chris Ziemnowicz Concord College
2003 "Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency in Europe"
Raj Aroskar - University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
Salil K. Sarkar, Peggy E. Swanson - University of Texas at Arlington
2002 "Subsidiary Entrepreneurship and the Advantage of Multinationality"
Mohammad Yamin
2001 "Environmental Scanning & Strategic Decisions at the Headquarters Foreign Subsidiary Level: An Empirical Study"
Raman Muralidharan - Indiana University/South Bend
1999 "The Relationship Between Strategic Management Orientation & Arab Culture: A Conceptual Proposal"
Alia Abu-Rahma - United States International University
Robert Moussetis - North Central College
George Nakos - Clayton State University
1998 "Foreign Expansion Patterns of US Banks: An Empirical Analysis"
Stewart R. Miller, Arvind Parkhe - Indiana University/Bloomington
1997 "Use of Intangible Assets to Represent Information Asymmetries from Froot & Stein's Model of Foreign Direct Investment"
Barry C. Foltos - Saint Louis University
1996 "What Entry-level Management Accountants Need to Know About International Business"
John W. Gillett, James D. Goodnow - Bradley University

Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business

Year Paper
2016 "The Criminalization of Compliance"
Todd Haugh, Indiana University Kelley Business School
2015 "Medical Malpractice Non-economic Caps Violate Constitutional Right to Trial by Jury"
Carol J. Miller, Missouri State University
Joseph Weidhaas, Attorney
2014 "A Legal Analysis and Contrarian View of the Syllabus-as-Contract Perspective"
Kent D. Kauffman, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
2013 "Using Films to Teach Business Ethics Students"
Teressa L. Elliott, Northern Kentucky University
Catherine S. Neal, Northern Kentucky University
2012 "Facebook Meets the NLRB: Employee Online Postings and Unfair Labor Practices"
Robert D. Sprague, University of Wyoming College of Business
2010 "Financial Crisis: Impetus for Restoring Corporate Democracy"
Robert Sprague and Aaron Lyttle, Universtiy of Wyoming
2009 "Protecting Consumers: The Contractual and Real Estate Issues Involving Timeshares, Quartershares, and Fractional Ownership"
Elizabeth A. Cameron, Alma College
Salina Maxwell, Law Student, Michigan State University
2007 "Using Case Law to Teach Business Ethics:"How Studying the "Ethical Minimum" Can Help Students Develop Ethical (And Legal) Decision Making Skills"
Paula Schaefer, University of Central Missouri
2006 Getting the Skinny: Fat-Based Litigation is not a Legal Threat to Business, but It Should Be
J. Brad Reich, Fort Lewis College
2005 "Employer's Legal Responsibilities in Preventing Religious Discrimination in the Workplace: Respecting Employees' Religious Beliefs and Avoiding Liability"
John A. Pearce II, Dennis R. Kuhn, Samuel A. DiLullo, Villanova University
2004 "Use of the Stakeholder Paradigm to Achieve Ethical, Accountable and Socially Responsible Corporate Governance"
Frederick R. Post, University of Toledo
2003 "Environmental Risks-CGL Exclusions to Insurability"
Carol J. Miller - Southwest Missouri State University
2002 "Impact of China's Revised FDI Laws and WTO Entry on FDI in China:Implications for Chinese Policy Makers"
Guo-an Wang - Hangzhou Institute of Electronic Engineering
Mary Virginia Moore - Southeast Missouri State University
Xiao-hua Yang - Bond University
2001 "Market Structure & Employee Relations: An Analysis of the Newspaper Industry"
Mary Ellen Benedict - Bowling Green State University
Judith Stilz Ogden - Indiana University/Kokomo
1999 "Teaching About the Unpredictability of Litigation Through a Mock Jury Exercise"
Murray S. Levin - University of Kansas
1998 "Ellulian Natural Law: A Challenge for Corporate Codes of Conduct"
Timothy Fort - University of Michigan
1997 "Arbitral Standards for Employee Discipline Under No-Fault Attendance Control Policies"
William J. Walsh, David Marvin, Jack Fields - Illinois Wesleyan University
1996 "LLCs and LLPs: New Business Alternatives in Missouri"
Carol J. Miller - Southwest Missouri State University

North American Accounting Society

Year Paper
2016 "GenderDiversity of Audit Committees and Audit Fees: Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies"
Rui Xiang, Sichuan University
Meng Qin, Sichuan University
Craig Peterson, Western University
2015 "Retail Leases: A Case Study Examining Archived, Current, and Future Standards"
Natalie T. Churyk, Northern Illinois University
Alan Reinstein, Wayne State University
Lance Smith, Ernst & Young, LLP
2014 "Gender in the New Age of Accounting Education: An Analysis of Contributions to a Computerized Discussion Board in a Cost Accounting Course"
Timothy J. Fogarty, Case Western Reserve University

Paul M. Goldwater, University of Central Florida
2013 "CEO Compensation and Accruals Management"
Nan Hu, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Ling Liu, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Lee J. Yao, Loyola University - New Orleans
2012 "Analyst Firm Coverage and Forecast Accuracy: The Effect of Regulation Fair Disclosure"
Ling Liu, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
2011 "Does It Matter Where Assets Are Held and Income Is Derived? Further Evidence of Differntial Value Relevance from Quebec"
Roger C. Graham Jr., College of Business, Oregan State University
Cameron K. J. Chartered Accountants Reserch Fellow
I. H. Asper Sshool of Business, University of Manitoba
Janet B. Morrill, Chartered Accountants Research Fellow
I. H. Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba
2010 "Student Perceptions of Wikis for Cooperative Learning in an Accounting Course."
Dee Ann Ellingson, University of North Dakota
Kate Campbell, University of North Dakota
2009 "From Micro to Meso: Overuse of Strengths & A Framework for Assessing and Improving Organization Effectiveness"
Mary K. Foster, Morgan State University
2008 "Factors Associated with Student Performance in Auditing: An Empirical Study in a Diversified Public University"
Mostafa M. Maksy, Northeastern Illinois University
Lin Zheng, Mercer University
2007 "Auditor Decisions and the Problem of Independence: Informational Asymmetry and the Actions of a 'Rogue Auditor'"
Paul Barnes, Northeastern University
2006 Measuring the Effectiveness of a Workplace Diversity Training Program: A Field Study
Kenneth P. De Meuse, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
2005 "Accountants Reach for the Blog"
Carol M. Jessup, University of Illinois at Springfield
2004 "Where did Anderson s Clients Go? A Study of Fee-Discounts, Premia and Successor Auditors"
William Harrison, Price Waterhouse Coopers; Jennifer Niece, Assumption College; Gregory Trompeter, Boston College
2003 "Accounting for Outsourcing"
Kenneth E. Stone, Ronald D. Niemeyer - Central Missouri State University
2002 "The Influence of WebTrust? on Consumer Purchases"
David H. Sinason, Sally A. Webber - Northern Illinois University
2001 "What Permanent Tax Differences Do (Do Not) Tell Us about the Shrinking Corporate Tax Base"
Christine C. Bauman, Michael S. Schadewald - University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee
2000 "Accounting for Stakeholder Issues: Why Social Disclosure Matters"
Raymond E. Figlewicz - University of Michigan - Dearborn Deborah K. Jones - Wayne State University
Eugene Szwajkowski - University of Illinois - Chicago
1999 "A Preliminary Examination of Tax Policy Issues for Corporate Spin-Offs"
Ronald E. Flinn - Creighton University
1998 "Usefulness of Accounting Earnings, Residual Income, & EVA: A Value-Relevance Perspective"
Shimin Chen - Clarion University
James L. Dodd - Drake University
1997 "The Controversy Over Accounting for Stock Options: Historical Perspective"
Karleen Nordquist - BlackHills State University
Dee Ann Ellingson - University of North Dakota
1996 "150-Hours: What Does the Profession Want?"
Arthur A. Hiltner, Rodney E. Medalen - University of North Dakota

Midwest Business Economics Association

Year Paper
2016 "Agent Bargaining"
William Robert Ingersoll, University of Arizona
Alex Wagner Roomets, Franklin & Marshall College
2015 "Predatory Patent Litigation: How Patent Assertion Entities Use Reputation to Monetize Bad Patents"
Erik Hovenkamp, Northwestern University
2014 "Merger Arbitrage Investment an Effective Strategy for High Rollers and Small Time Investors: Evidence from U.S. Cash Deal Mergers"
Brenda Kahn, University of Tampa
2013 "Tax Evasion and the Decline of the Roman Empire"
John Robert Stinespring, University of Tampa
2012 "Bad Job, Happy Retirement? Job Characteristics and Retirement Satisfaction for Union and Non-Union Workers"
Kevin Neuman, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
2011 "The Economics of Vertical Integration Revisited"
Brian T. Kench, University of Tampa
Trevor M. Knox, Muhlenberg College
H. Scott Wallace, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
2010 "Patients' Perceptions and treatment Effectiveness: A Reassessment Using Generalized Maximum Entropy."
Sean Murphy, West Texas A&M University
Daniel L. Friesner, North Dakota State University
Robert Rosenman, Washington State University
2009 "Airline International Gateways"
Brenda Kahn, University of Tampa
Philip Kahn, University of Illinois Chicago
2008 "Asymmetric Price Adjustment in Retail Gasoline Market"
Nodir Adilov, Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne
Hedayeh Samavati, Indiana University-Purdue University-  Fort Wayne
2006 "Strong Altruism: An Element in the Emergence of Public Institutions?"
Neil B. Niman, University of New Hampshire
Brian T. Kench, University of Tampa
Ping Zhang, PayPal Inc
2005 "Public Health Insurance Expansions for Parents, Evidence from Wisconsin "
Jason Davis, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
2004 “A Game Theoretic Model for Marital Infidelity and Divorce in the Presence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Implications for Social Welfare and Public Policy”
Peter Cashel-Cordo, University of Southern Indiana; Dan Friesner, Gonzaga University
2003 "Project Based Learning in an Interdisciplinary Economics and Mathematics Service Course"
Paul Kochanowski, Morteza Shafii-Mousavi - Indiana University South Bend
2002 "Free Trade Agreements Are Rarely Politically Viable in the Long-Run"
Tracy Hofer - University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
2001 "Estimating Probabilities of Multi-Year Horizons for Common Stock with the Normal & Lognormal Distribution Functions"
William Wilding, Mohammed Khayum - University of Southern Indiana
2000 "Private and Proprietary Business Colleges and Cost of Education: A Multi-Product Total Cost Function Approach"
Rajindar K. Koshal, Manjulika Koshal, Ashok Gupta - Ohio University
1999 The Distribution of Human Capital & Economic Growth"
Bijou Yang Lester - Drexel University
1998 "A Profile of Doctoral Dissertations in Economics: Analysis of the 1994-1995 Data"
Munir Zuddus - University of Southern Indiana
1997 "The Desirability of Economic Development Incentives"
Paul Kochanowski - Indiana University/South Bend
1996 "An Economic Framework to Analyze Physical Depreciation & Product Replacement"
Richard J. Skolnik - Tiffin University

Business& Health Administration Association

Year Paper
2016 " A Long Term Care Administration Practicum Cohort Model with Adjunctive Applied, Online Coursework "
Jennifer Johs-Artisensi, Health Care Adminstration Program, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Douglas Olson, Health Care Administration Program, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

"Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Movement: Benefit or Disaster?"
Terri L. Barrett, West Virginia Healthcare Authority

2014 "Overweight and Obesity among Children: An Evaluation of a Walking Program"
Nashat Zuraikat, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Julie Cash, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
2013 "Developing Effective Preceptors for Future Health and Aging"
Jennifer Johs-Artsensi, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
LaNette Flunker, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Douglas Olson, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
2012 "Avian and Pandemic Influenza (API) Beyond Control. . . It Is Prevention!"
Muhiuddin Haider, University of Maryland
Jared Frank, University of Maryland
2011 "Hospital Turnaround Practice in the United States: Value and Role of Consultants"
Amrita Shenoy, University of Houston-Clear Lake
Raymond Khoury, University of houston-Clear Lake
Ashish Chandra, University of Houston-Clear Lake
2010 "Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required of Continuing Care Retirement Communities' Executive Directors."
Michael Stowe, University of St. Francis
James Haefner, University of St. Francis
2007 “The Balanced Scorecard Framework – A Case Study of Patient and Employee: What Happens When It Doesn’t Work As Planned?”
Andrea Lorden, University of North Texas
Alberto Coutasse, University of North Texas  
Karan P. Singh, University of North Texas
2006 "Impact of Direct To Consumer Advertising on Patient-Physician Relationship: The Healthcare Provider's Perspectives"
Maricris Miller, Marshall University Graduate College
2005 "Health Care Rationing and Cost Control: Perspectives on the American Health Care System"
Ann Hughes Douglas, Jersey Shore Medical Center; David P. Paul, III, Monmouth University
2004 The World Press Massages the SARS Phenomenon"
George Swales, Jr., John Bowdidge, Southwest Missouri State University
2003 "The Future of Managed Inpatient Care: Hospitalists and Intensivists"
Stephen A. Becker - Jersey Shore Medical Center
David P. Paul, III - Monmouth University
2002 "The Relationship Between Quality of Care and Financial Performance in Nursing Homes:An Assessment Using Structural Equation Modeling"
Gerald Neff - Kaufman, Hall, and Associates
Robert Weech-Maldonado - The Pennsylvania State University
2001 Successful Collaboration Between Hospitals & Physicians: Process or Structure?"
Robert S. Curtis - Cardinal Health System, Inc/Muncie, Indiana
2000 "Consumer Perceptions of Selected Drug-Related Advertised and Cultural Messages"
Ashish Chandra - Xavier University of Lousiana
1999 "Managed Care, Reorganization & Empowerment"
J. Michael Rayburn - University of Tennessee/Martin
L. Gayle Rayburn - Southeast Missouri State University
1998 "A Pilot Study Using Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory in a Hospital Laboratory"
J. Michael Rayburn - University of Tennessee/Martin
L. Gayle Rayburn - Southeast Missouri State University
1997 "Conflict & Consensus as Dimensions of Interorganizational Collaboration in the Non-Profit Sector"
Anne M. Walsh - LaSalle University
1996 "Identification of Family Caregivers at Risk: A Challenge for Health Care"
Ann K. Carruth - Southeastern Louisiana University

Midwest Society for Human Resources/Industrial Relations

(Now a part of the North American Management Society)
Year Paper
2010 "Glorified Messengers for Management" or "Legitimate Unionism?" "Analyzing Local Independent Unions in the Post-Company Union Era"
Victor G. Devinatz - Illinois State University
1999 "Imagine That--A Wildcat at Biomed!: Organizational Justice & the Anatomy of a Wildcat Strike at a Nonunionized Medical Electronics Factory"
Victor G. Devinatz - Illinois State University
1998 "Disciplining Police Officers for Off-Duty Misconduct: Recent Arbitration Decisions"
William J. Walsh - Illinois Wesleyan University
1997 "Behavioral & Institutional Theories of Human Resource Practices: An Integrated Perspective"
A. Amin Mohamed - Chicago State University
David E. Terpstra - University of Mississippi
1996 "Reframing HRM, Ethics & Legal Theories to Promote Managerial Integrity"
Joseph A. Petrick - Wright State UniversityJohn F. Quinn - University of Dayton

North American Management Society

Year Paper
2016 "The Quest for Nudge in Organizational Behavior"
Jie McCardle, Idaho State University
Andrew Lyman, Idaho State University
Travis Pattengale, Idaho State University
2015 "Faculty Promotion in Business Schools: What Counts and What Should Count?"
Carolyn Wiley, Roosevelt University
Valerie Wallingford, Bemidji State University
Mireia Monllor-Tormos, Airbus
Gyongyi Konyu-Fogel, Walsh College
2014 "The Use of Voluntary Public Disclosure and Patenting Strategies to Capture Value from Product Innovations"
Sharon James, Ohio State University
2013 "Corporate Governance and Transparency: A Research Study Investigating CEP Duality in Fortune Ranked Companies"
Patricia B. Abels, The University of Findlay
Joseph T. Martelli, The University of Findlay
2012 "A Practice Approach to Addressing Strategic Risk and Uncertainty for Management Consultants"
Thomas Cooper, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Blair Winsor, Edinburgh Napier University
2011 "The Impact of Organizational Capabilities, Environmental Uncertainties, and Generic Strategies on Crisis Readiness: An Empirical Examination of Retail Professionals"
William "Rick" Crandall, University of North Carlina at Pembroke
John A. Parnell, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Maria Nathan, Lynchburg College
2010 "An Investigation of the Innovation and INtegration Capacity of U.S. Health Care Organizations."
Dawn Bowden, International School of Management
2008 Joy of Entrepreneurship: A Longitudinal Section Study"
Christina Stadler, Philipps-Universitt, Marburg, Germany
Dirk Knychala, Gothaer Finanzholding AG, Koln, Germany
2007 “The Relationship of Quality Work Life Programs and Organizational Commitment: The Moderating Effects of Personal Traits”
Tung-Chun Huang, National Central University
2006 "Measuring the Effectiveness of a Workplace Diversity Training Program: A Field Study"
Kenneth P. De Meuse, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
2005 "Strategic Decision Making: Problems and Prospects"
David O'Gorman, University of Illinois-Springfield
2004 "Influence of Individual Differences on the Job Search Process"
Rajeev Sawhney, Wester Illinois University
Steven C. Hunt, Western Illinois University
Kum Kum Rathmore, University of Rajasthan
2003 "The Vanishing Leisure of the Faculty Class:  New Administrative Challenges and Responses" Michael G. Harvey - University of Mississippi
Milorad M. Novicevic, Thomas S. Kuffel, Paul N. Keaton - University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
Thomas D. Sigerstad - Frostburg State University
2002 "The Role of the Initial Interview in New Management Ph.D's Job Search"
Steven Hunt - Western Illinois University
Rajeev Sawhney - Western Illinois University
2001 "Resource Dependency & Corporate Directors: A Test of the Business Week Best & Worst Boards"
Jeryl L. Nelson - Wayne State College
2000 "Deming: A New Philosophy or Another Voice"
John B. Washbush - University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
1999 "The Role of Organizational Culture in Trust Relationships of Managers & Employees"
Carol M. Jessup - University of Illinois at Springfield
Ik-Whan Kwon, Phillipp A. Stoeberl - Saint Louis University
1998 "The Impact of Strategic Management & External Factors on Performance in Small US Exporting Firms"
Thomas Garsombke - Saint Johns University
Diane Garsombke - University of Wisconsin/Superior
1997 "Support Systems for Training: What We Learned from the Literature"
Max U. Montesino, Mitchell A. Sherr - Indiana
University/Purdue University Fort Wayne
1996 "The Effects of Environment, Strategy, Culture & Resource Dependency on Perceptions of Organizational Effectiveness"
Christopher B. Clott - Saint Xavier University

Business, Society, and Government

Year Paper
2016 "When the Unexpected Happens: Are No-profits Ready to Respond? "
John Spillan, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
2013 "Corporate Political Spending and the Banking Industry"
Michael Yahr, Robert Morris University
2012 "The MOWST Matrix for Nonprofit Strategic Decision Making"
Michael Dobbs, Eastern Illinois University
Tristan Pisasczyk, St. John's Catholic Newman Center at the University of Illinois
2011 Who Is In Charge? Cases of Not Managing Internal Controls in Nonprofit Organizations
John E. Spillan, The University of North Carlina at Pembroke
Christopher Ziemnowicz, The University of North Carlina at Pembroke
2010 "Going Global: A Look at Corporate Citizenship."
Melissa Ann Schmid, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Lawrence Price, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Shelly McCallum, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

"Service Learning: An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Service Learning on Civic Mindedness."
James Weber, St. Cloud State University
Paula Weber, St. Cloud State University
2009 "The Epic Tale of a Merger: An Analysis of the Sirius-XM Satellite Radio Merger"
Steven C. Palmer, Eastern New Mexico University
David Hemley, Eastern New Mexico University
James Breyley, University of New England
2008 "The Role of Workplace Learning within the Full-service Restaurant Industry"
Lee Weyant, Kutztown University

Operations Management & Entrepreneurship Association

Year Paper
2016 "The Marketing-Product Recovery Interface: An Interdisciplinary and Case Study Approach"
Shad Dowlatshahi, University of Missouri Kansas City
2015 "A Case Study Approach to Supplier Selection in Prototype Design"
Shad Dowlatshahi, University of Missouri-Kansas City
2014 "Key Determinants Preventing Intra-Family Business Succession: An Empirical Study"
Archie Lockamy III, Samford University
2013 "A Case Study Approach to Remanufacturing Operations in Reverse Logistics"
Shad Dowlatshahi, University of Missouri - Kansas City
2012 "Part-Time Employee Scheduling at a University IT Support Call Center: A Goal Programming Approach"
Nicolette Johnson, Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne
James S. Moore, Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne
2011 "The Effects of Employee Recognition, Pay and Benefits on Job Satisfaction: Cross Country Evidence"
Mussie Tessema, Winona State University
Kathryn Ready, Winona State University
Abel Embaye, University of Arkansas
2010 Abel Embaye, University of Arkansas 2010 "A Practical View of Queues with Lane Switching."
Coleen Wilder, Illinois Institute of Technology
Nick Thomopoulos, Illinois Institute of Technology
2009 "Deriving Demand Curves from Stochastic Conditions"
Craig Sorochuk, University of Western Ontario
John Wilson, University of Western Ontario
2007 “Patent Analysis of RFID Technology”
Fataneh Taghaboni-Dutta, University of Michigan-Flint
Amy J.C. Trappey, National Tsing Hua University
Charles V. Trappey, National Chiao Tung University
Ying-Shuo Huang, National Tsing Hua University
2006 The OREO Model of Social Entrepreneurship: Prospects and Implications
Ram Kesavan, University of Detroit-Mercy
Oswald Mascarenhas, University of Detroit-Mercy
2005 “Personnel Scheduling in Customer Service: A Goal Programming Approach”
Rachel L. Vinson, PHD Inc.;
James S. Moore, Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne
2004 "The Ethical Nature of Selected Marketing Practices Among Small Organizations Seeking Competitive Advantages in Regional Markets”
John J. Withey, Indiana University South Bend
2003 "Communication in Supply Chain Management Systems Between Collaborators"
Suresh Chalasani, Marwan Wafa - University of Wisconsin-Parkside
2002 "Transformation of Women Entrepreneurs"
James R. Maxwell - Wilkes University
2001 "The Perceived Impact of Outsourcing on Organizational Performance"
Dean Elmuti; - Eastern Illinois University
2000 "Changes in AACSB Accreditation Standards: Analysis of Undergraduate Business Core and Entrepreneurship Course Offerings"
Hsiu-Hui Wang, Jack Sterrett
David Kunz - Southeast Missouri State University
1999 "Business Process Re-engineering for Flexible & Innovation in Manufacturing"
Qingyu Zhang - The University of Toledo
1998 "Managerial Implications of Profiling Small Business Personal Computer Users & Non-users"
Zafar U. Khan - Eastern Michigan University
S.K. Chawla - Angelo State University
Mary F. Smith - Georgia Southern University
Norton E. Marks - California State University/San Bernardino
1997 "A Performance Evaluation of a Simulated Annealing Heuristic to a Hub Location Problem"
Sue Abdinnour-Helm - University of Wisconsin/River Falls

Society for Case Research

Year Paper
2014 "Cases on Minority and Women-Owned Businesses: An Update"
Jeff Totten, McNeese State University
Rasheek Irtisam, McNeese State University
2013 "The Society for Case Research: An Organization Built on a Culture of Success"
Reed McKnight, University of New Mexico
Roy Cook, Fort Lewis College
Kay Hodge, University of Nebraska at Kearney
2012 "What to Do With a Druggie"
Kelly A. Trusty, Trine University
Leigh W. Cellucci, East Carolina University
Ed Leonard, Trine University
2010 "Applying Signature Pedagogies and Disciplined Mind Concepts to Developing Critical Incidents."
Joy Benson, University of Wisconsin
Sally Dresdow, University of Wisconsin

"Expanding the Experiential Nature of Case Teaching for Business."
Jeffrey Conner, Hanover College
Robyne Hart, Associated Colleges of the Midwest
2008 "Blood Bananas"
Steven Cox, Queens University of Charlotte
Bradley W. Brooks, Queens University of Charlotte
2007 “A Manager’s Dilemma: Who Gets the Project?”
Doug Polley, St. Cloud State University
Paula Weber, St. Cloud State University
2006 "Knowledge Creation Through the use of the Case Method with Diverse Groups of Students from the Asia Pacific Region”
Ronald J. Patten, Ritsumeikan, Asia Pacific University - Beppu, Japan
Masaharu Kuhara, Ritsumeikan, Asia Pacific University - Beppu, Japan
2005 “A Case Study of the Case Writing Experience: A Mini-Case Example”
Roy A. Cook, J. Larry Goff, Fort Lewis College
2003 "Managerial Application and Teching Dichotomies"
Joyce T. Heames
Robert W. Service- Samford University
2002 "Case Methodology and Accounting Instruction"
Janet Bear Wolverton - Oregon Institute of Technology
Roy A. Cook - Fort Lewis College
2001 "Into the New Millennium - Will Case Finally Get Some Respect?"
Robert H. Ross, Esther L. Headley - Wichita State University
2000 "Teaching Doctoral Students in Business to Teach, A 1999 Update"
Robert H. Ross, Esther L. Headley, Wichita State University
1998 "Comparing Cases & Critical Incidents: An Exploratory Study"
Roy Cook, Lawrence S. Corman, James Clay - Fort Lewis College
1997 "The Role of Refereed Cases in the New AACSB Environment"
Robert H. Ross, Esther L. Headley - Wichita University

Society for the Advancement of Information Systems

Year Paper
2016 "Personal Social Media in the Workplace: The Influence of Job Characteristics and Technostress on Performance"
Stoney Brooks, Middle Tennessee State University
2015 "The Microfoundations of Information Technology Capabilities: An Unexplored Link between IT and Competitive Advantage"
David Guggenheim, Southern Illinois University
2014 "Living the Case Study: Teaching Management and Leadership Ethics Online Through Serious Games"
Thomas L. Buck, College of St. Scholastica
2013 "Cloud Computing Audit: Its Challenges and Future Development"
David C. Chou, Eastern Michigan University
2012 "The Use of Cell Phone as Night and Whether or Not it Affects Communication, Well Being, and Productivity"
Margaret O'Connor, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Douglass Rubendall, Bloosmburg University of Pennsylvania
Patricia Policelli, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
2011 "An Analysis of the Factors that Contribute to Intellectual Property Theft"
Johnathan Gilliam, Middle Tennessee State University
Charles H. Apigian, Middle Tennessee State University
2010 "Are They Valued by the Board?: An Investigation of Relative Performance Evalution of Chief Information Officers."
Nan Hu, University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire
Ling Liu, University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire
Jianhui Huuang, Singapore Management University
2009 "A Collaborative Approach for Developing Interactive Case Studies: Learning from a University Setting" Maggie O'Connor, Bloomsburg University
Tulay Girard, Penn State Altoona

Marketing Management Association

Year Paper
2016 "Product Information and Consumer Choice Confidence in Multi-item Sales Promotions"
Demetra Andrews, Indiana University Northwest
2008 "Proposed Model for Evaluating C/LMS Faculty Usage in Higher Education Institutions"
James Janossy, DePaul University
2007 "Early Requirements for a Marketing Management Support Systems for Exporters from Less Developed Countries: The Case Study of Ethiophen Coffee"
Maggie O'Connor, Penn State- Berks
2006 "The Classifications of Information Systems Integration (ISI): ISI-MATRX"
Thawatchai Jitpaiboon, Ball State University
T.S. Ragu-Nathan, University of Toledo Mark A. Vonderembse, University of Toledo
2005 "After the Pilot:Integrating Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Info the College of Business Curriculum"
William C. Brown, Minnesota State University
2004 "E-Commerce Web Site Quality: A Conceptual Framework"
Subba S. Rao, University of Toledo
Mei Cao, Ph.D. candidate, University of Toledo
2003 "Integrating ERP Implementation with Change Management Process "
Purnendu Mandal - Marshall University
2002 "A Model Of Network And Internet Security For Web-Based Database"
Charlie Yong-Sang Shim, South Dakota State University
Ali Salehnia, South Dakota State University
Jung Y. Kim, Soth Dakota State University
Kim, Sung Shin, South Dakota State University
2001 "Accessibility of Midwestern Universities' Web Sites: Meeting the Guidelines of the Law"
Chaeletta F. Gutierrez. Northern Illinois University
2000 "Collabrating to Compete: Strategies for active Learning in Information Systems"
Kathleen Molnar, St. Norbert College
Raj Devasagayam, St. Norbert College
1999 "Using Legos/Logo to Teach Information Systems Concepts: A Constructionist Approach"
Kathleen K. Molnar, St. Norbert College
1998 "An Instrumnet to Measure the Effectiveness if IS Development Groups"
R. Prusad Bingi, Indiana University Purdue
Deepak Khazanchi, Northern Kentucky University
1997 "Strategic Use of Technology: Close Encounters"
Linda V. Knight, Illinois Valley Community College
James D. White, Chicago Board of Trade
1996 "Neural Network Applications in Business: A Review & Analysis of the Literature (1988 - March 1995)" Bo K. Wong, Youngstown State University Dotyy Oliva, Youngstown State University

Academy of Finance

Year Paper
2016 "Looking Beyond the Pale: Evidence that Investors Look Beyond Concurrent Annualized Returns in Annualized Returns in Assigning Corporate Reputations":
Thomas M. Krueger Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Mark A. Wrolstad, PH.D., Winona State University
2009 "Identifying Pre-Retirees for Bridge Employment: Factors That Influence Post-Retirement Employment Decisions"
Saron Kendrick, Methodist University Melody L. Wollan, Eastern Illinois University
2008 "Perceived Information Technology Capability for Born Global Firms and Traditional Exporters in China and the United States" Man Zhang, Bowling Green State University
Jingwen Lai, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics-Chengdu, China

"The Internationalization of Indian Pharmaceutical Firms: A Comparison of Entry Mode Theories"
Avinandan Mukherjee, Montclair State University
2007 "Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice: The Role of Protocol Materials in Business Education for 2010 and Beyond"
David E. O'Gorman, University of Illinois at Springfield
2006 "Ethical Decision Making by Management Accountants - An Empirical Examination"
Thomas E. Buttross, Pennsylvania State University
Hema Rao, State University of New York-Oswego
George Schmelzle, Indiana University Purdue University
2005 "Role of Customer Ethnicity in Building Brand Community: Strategic Implications for Marketers"
Michael Quinn, P. Raj Devasagayam, Siena College
2004 "Task-Based Vs. Construct-Based Assessment of Ethical Values"
H. Durward Hofler, Peter W. Stonebraker, Rasoul Afifi, Audrey L. Reynolds, Northeastern Illinois University

Best Overall Paper on Conference Theme

2015 "Understanding the Service Evaluation, Consumption Emotions, and Behavioral Intentions Relationship for Chinese Lodging Guests"
Scott Swanson, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Lujun Su, Business School of Central South University
Xiaohong Chen, Business School of Central South University
2014 "The Use of Voluntary Public Disclosure and Patenting Strategies to Capture Value from Product Innovations"
Sharon James, Ohio State University
2013 "The Role of Self-Efficacy in Sales Education"
Peter Knight, University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Claudia Mich, Purdue University Calumet
Michael T. Manion, University of Wisconsin - Parkside
2012 "Difference in the Influence of Background Music Attrubutes on Consumers' Attitude According to Involvement"
Jai Kwon Park, Gyeongju University
Jung Ok Jeon, National University
Hyan Hee Park, Kyungpook National University
Eun Mi Lee, Pukyoung National University
2011 "Supply Chain Alliances: Exploring the Drivers of Performance Value and Buyer Sattisfaction"
Ursula Y. Sullivan, Northern Illinois University
2010 "The Development of Advertising and Marketing Education in the United States: The First 75 Years."
Edd Applegate, Middle Tennessee State University
2009 "How Do U.S. and U.K. Salespeople Compare on the Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence, Positive and Negative Affect, and Customer Orientation Levels?"
Charles Pettijohn, Missouri State University
Elizabeth Rozell, Missouri State University
Andrew Newman, University of Salford
2008 "Attitude Towards Globalization: The Role of Cultural Values, Global Identity and Regulatory Focus"
Stanford A. Westjohn, St. Louis University
Srdan Zdravkovic, St. Louis University
2007 "Service Contact Employee Customer Orientation, Service Quality, and Satisfaction and the Moderating Role of Involvement"
Thomas L. Baker, Clemson University
Christopher D. Hopkins, Clemson University
J. Joseph Cronin, Florida State University
2006 "Impact of Similarity in Resources on Marital Power"
Cynthia Webster, Mississippi State University
D.S. Sundaram, Northeastern Illinois University
Christopher D. Hopkins, Clemson University
2005 "Consumers'Attitudes to Brand Extensions: The Role of Fit and Goal Congruency"
Susan Brudvig, Pushkal Raman , Florida State University
2004 "Information Search and Perceived Risk: Are There Differences for In-Home Versus In-Store Shoppers?"
Dee Ann Larson, Mississippi University for Women; Brian Engelland, Ron Taylor, Mississippi State University
2003 "Customer Inquiries and Complaints: The Impact of Firm Response Time to Email Communications"
Robert Moore, Melissa Moore - Mississippi State University
2002 "Anomie and Disaster in Corporate Culture: The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on the Ethical Climate of Market Organizations"
Phylis M. Mansfield - Pennsylvania State University - Erie
2001 "The Effects of Frequency,Recency & Academic Prowess as Moderators of Service Quality Evaluations for Collegiate Academic Advising: An Exploratory Study"
Ty Abernathy, Brian Engelland - Mississippi State University
2000 "Perceived Risk and Moral Philosophy: New Directions in Marketing Ethics Studies"
John Cherry - Columbia College
1999 "Advertising Slogans & University Marketing: An Exploratory Study of Brand-Fit & Cognition in Higher Education"
Ronald Paugh, Oscar McKnight - Ashland University
1998 "Service Quality & Repeat Usage: A Case of Rising Expectations"
Brian Engelland, Chris Hopkins - Mississippi State University
Letty Workman - Ohio University
Mandeep Singh - Western Illinois University
1997 "Determinants of a Retail Firm's International Involvement"
Irena Vida - The University of Tennessee
1996 "Role of Positioning Strategies on Consumer Evaluations of Brand Extensions"
Shiva Nandan, Monica Nandan - Western State College